Your Photos

Hi Nick,
I like your flower pics a lot and the ones in Colour as well. Also India.
I do quite a lot of photography too - flowers and plants quite a lot
here is a link to one of my Facebook photo albums (if it lets you see them)

Also here is a link to my Pottery shop (don't mean you should buy one just showing you it) -
I have done other sorts of things than this - that is just the thing I'm dong at the moment with pottery.
Debbie is right - you are good. Sure you could sell more things - I definitly liked the Rose a lot.
Geraldine Fayle

Your pics

I am impressed!! Your wasting your talent driving a van!!
Debbie IBUK

Preschool Charity Calendar

My name is Claire and I am on the committee at Fairford preschool. I have been given your details regarding a calendar that you produced for Down Ampney which I understand raised a lot of money. We are interested in doing the same for our preschool and wondered whether you were able to help in any way or provide us with some tips on how best to go about it?

Many thanks
Claire Collier

wedding photography

Dear Nick
As you heard that our wedding will be on the 27 June 2011. Will you the honour to be our official photographer for our special day. I would like to know what you could offer us and the price.
Plus as well we do not want to miss you in the family shots, thats the key thing.
Speak to you soon.

Warm regards
Rohaini (soon to be Mrs Day)

All Saints Church Down Ampney.

Dear Nick,
As you can tell from our email address, D.A. is one of our favourite U.K.places and visited many times when we have been in the area. (We live in West Yorks.)
When last at the church, we purchased one of the postcards and noticed this was one of your photographs, as we have seen from the website.
We should very much like to obtain another photograph of the church (large size) and wondered if you might have taken any other alternative views?

If so, perhaps you would be kind enough to send to our above address and I could then advise the approximate size we would require.

Your assistance would be very much appreciated and look forward to receiving your reply.

Many thanks,

Jean Ford.
Jean Ford

Polish school

I am impressed mate! You are really good!

According to my promise I am attaching the first link of my friend - polish school artist from polish little town - Jedrzejow :)))

See you on Monday

Wojtek Hajdus